Sunday, April 29, 2012

Seal Beach Car Show

Yesterday I had an opportunity to check out the local Seal Beach Auto Show.  My friend Brian and I hopped on our bikes and shot down to Seal Beach to grab some lunch and snap some shots.  When I got down to the car show I ended up focusing on the people a little more then the cars but all it all I got a few shots that I enjoy and hope you do as well.  After the end of a beautiful day and the short bike ride back home I found a little surprise at my door which I'll save for another time.  In the meantime I hope you enjoy the Car Show photos, have a great day :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm Still here!

I personally haven't been posting for a while for a few reasons.  One I got a little lazy (my bad :), two I made a decision to sell my E-P3, and third I have failed on my photo everyday homework.

I'll skip over my laziness and move forward to the important stuff, Cameras!  Wait though Matt didn't you just say you sold your E-P3.  Thats right the camera is sold but for a few reasons.  To start of I want to say I love the E-P3 and still thing it is an amazing camera.  I am sorry to have sold it, but I needed the increase funds to purchase the new Olympus OM-D E-M5.

After spending a bit of time with the wonderful E-P3 I decided it was lacking a few things that I learned (for me) would really help my shooting experience.  While the E-P3 creates wonderful images in a great form factor I really noticed the lack of EVF (electronic view finder) to be a real pain when out shooting (if you read my older posts you will see my whining about this fact).  I could of purchased the optional viewfinder which if that were my only issue with the E-P3 I would have probably went with that approach.

The second thing I found that I was really craving with this camera as an option for a add on grip to make the camera a little more substantial for those I'm out to shoot situations.  Along with the desire for a more substantial grip, an extra battery grip to increase the limited battery life would also be a nice bonus.

Given these two main issues for me I decided that moving towards the E-M5 was the right move for me.  The increase in IQ, ISO and being weather sealed are also bonus for the E-M5, but were not the main factors in my decision.

Now that the E-P3 is gone I have gained some perspective and would recommend it without a doubt to anyone looking for a Jacket pocketable camera with great versatility that doesn't shoot for photography sake (unless it is a backup camera).  If I had the funds I would have without a doubt kept the E-P3 to go along side the E-M5.

At the moment I am waiting for the E-M5 preorder to be filled and will post a review when it comes in.

Since the sale of my E-P3 I have fallen back on the good old Canon 20D.  My birthday was this month and had a few great opportunity to enjoy some Shutter Therapy (as Robin Wong calls it).  First was down in San Diego with my mother and step dad.  The second great session was in the beautiful landscapes of Big Sur California (all shot with 50 1.8).  Here are a few shots from my last few adventures.  Have a great day!

San Diego

Highway 1 coast and Big Sur



Big Sur River