Saturday, June 30, 2012

Alaska Day VIII

On day eight and a little more traveling today. We took a leisurely drive from Anchorage to Seward. We started our morning with a great breakfast at the Parkside where we were staying. Another stop at Rei was made which is always fun.

On our way out of town we stopped at Potter's park (or something like that). And saw some birds. There were many amazing views along the Seward highway.

After a great dinner of halibut we are off to bed to get some rest for our adventure tomorrow.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Alaska Day VII

Well today started early with six am breakfast for our drive out of the park. It was hard to say good by to such a beautiful place, the mosquitos not so much though.

After our gorgeous exit from Denali we hopped in the car and headed down to Anchorage. Once down in Anchorage we check in to The Parkside Guest House and headed out to dinner. We ate at Muse inside the museum which was a special delight.

Overall a good travel day and I think we are all looking forward to exploring Seward tomorrow.

*i almost forgot the highlight of the day Doing Laundry!!!

** also the previous posts are numbered correctly but out of order due to posting excitement when I was in wifi range.

Alaska day IV

Our day four started early with the sound of rain to wake us from our slumber. We rose from our beds and made our way down to the lodge/dinning area for breakfast. Here we split up on different hikes for the day. My dad and I chose to take the "strenuous" hike up to the ridge line. I must say the most strenuous part seem to be the Mosquitos. Rain basically fell all day till shortly after dinner where I took a brief walk to snap a few photos. Hopefully tomorrow will present itself with some good photo opportunities(once again delayed posting due to lack on wifi).

Alaska Day V

Today we woke up to a wonderful surprise; an in and out view of Denali. This mountain range is truly amazing and beautiful (no Denali picks due to images on other camera). Once again their was an array of hikes to tempt ones interest but for today we decided to forgo these activities and took a little jaunt down to wonder lake. After a short bike ride we hopped into our canoe and paddled around this gorgeous body of water. Feeling the rain and watching the water ripple across the lake truly made my heart smile.

Once back from wonder lake Christina and I stopped in at the green house to check on some veggies. We were able to eat a flower while we were there which had an amazingly tasty spicy bit to it. From there we proceeded to eat our sandwiches in the lodge.

After lunch was over we split up. Christina doing some reading and relaxing by the fire and me taking a wonderful bike ride. It was truly a freeing experience to take this amazing landscape in by bike (minus the buses flying by me). After my 30 mile ride we all headed in for dinner where a birthday surprise awaited Christina (from my mom Shary), a giant cucumber which Christina had commented on earlier while in the green house.

Once finished with our dinner and a show ( the show being Christina blushing as 30 people sang her happy birthday) we sat down for a talk on berries and the global effects of them on culture and economics. As the night has progressed we have enjoyed the rain and the wonderful sights and sounds it has brought to us on this day.

Here are a few images from today, hope you enjoy. (once again written on day five but posting later due to no Internet).

Alaska Day VI

Another amazing day at the north face lodge for us. I had the pleasure of traveling down the road a bit to take a wonderful hike fording streams and walking on glaciers.

While on the way to the hike our driver and guide spotted a lynx. While out on our adventure we saw a great many paw prints. On the way back we were lucky enough to spot an adolescent bear having a snack.

Christina and dad did the foray and went to the most western point of highway in the United States. Where they were greeted with a sign that stated "The End"

Once again we had a great meal for dinner and a wonderful last day to our trip. Now onward to other Alaskan adventures. (and Internet so I can post the these last few entries)