Monday, July 9, 2012

Fire in Los Alamitos (Rossmoor)

After having just returned from dinner and a walk with the dog we heard screaming and a fire alarm.  There it was just across the way from our town home (in the condo complex next door) a fire building in the sky.  There were roughly 6-8 fire trucks here and Montecito was shutdown to traffic.   Here are a few shots from the event.  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Alaska Day XII

Well day twelve started off with a bang literally... We were awoken at 12:01am with the fireworks over the bay. We were lucky enough to have a room with a deck, so after donning our rain gear we stepped outside to watch the show.

Our day that followed was a leisurely one (which was much needed) where we spent the day enjoying the race festivities and exploring the Seward sea life center.

Here are a few photos from our day I hope you enjoy :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Alaska Day XI

So day 11 has come and is ending. This was an another amazing day (bet you knew I was going to say that). I already blogged this once but apparently it decided not to save so here we go again (shorter then it was going to be).

This morning Judy, Christina, and I went to see Pedersen glaiser on a canoe/hike trip, which was a great way to spend the morning.

After our adventure we retired to the lodge for lunch and to prep for our departure on the boat. On our ride home we were blessed with seeing the rare (only once per year, and apparently the researchers really want your photos for information) orca pod. The pod of orcas went under our boat! It was truly (you guessed it) amazing! We also got to see more humpback whales, puffins and other seal life.

After arriving in Seward we had an amazing dinner at Rays. Now we are waiting for the firework show.

Hope you enjoy the images.

Alaska Day X

Well here we are on day ten. Another amazing day (I think I'm even getting tired of say it ;), where we spent the day kayaking though glacial ice and watching glacial cavings.

We saw many animals as well today. A black bear was roaming the coastline next to us as we traveled to Aialik Glacier. We were also lucky enough to spot another bald eagle, seal, oyster catcher, humpback whales, and baby gulls(the adult gulls started to dive bomb us when we got near).

After an amazing day we sat down to some black bean humus appetizers and stuffed mushrooms. From there we sat down for dinner and enjoyed a spinach salad, pork tenderloin, and scalloped potatoes(not like my moms though eww). Now we are retiring for an early evening to look at our amazing view of Pedersen glacier and the lagoon out our window.

Here are some photos from today I hope you enjoy!

Alaska Day IX

Day nine was another amazing day (tired of hearing me say that yet?). We were awoken by the Thumpingtons up stairs (loud hotel people), and ate a quick breakfast to start our day. We headed down to the boat to depart Seward for our three hour tour to kenai fords glacier lodge. Along our ride we saw many beautiful sights and animals. We were lucky enough to see some humpbacks, orcas, sea otters, river otters (a dead one too :...( , bald eagle seal lions, dall's porpoises, and other animals. Along with animals we saw some amazing glaciers including the one from our cabin which you can see from some of the images below (the one with Christina and I is from the boat ride).

We arrived at our beautiful accommodations and were greeted by the best weather of the trip so far. After a short canoe ride we headed up to dinner. After dinner we had a research team on river otters give us a talk about the importance of otter feces.

As Christina has been saying "this is the best day". Here are a few shots from today please forgive the out of focus ones. When loading to the iPad I can't inspect them any larger then a thumb nail size.